Sudoku King

Sudoku King is a mobile puzzle game for puzzle game lovers who always want to play intelligent games and outsmart everybody. Sudoku King is designed for high challenges, gives players a unique Sudoku game experience with a great graphical interface.

Idea and Development

Gametion had always wanted to create a puzzle game and Sudoku was the best game to begin with. The team gave it a very simple look and interface along with settings for recording number estimates that would lead them to crack puzzles fast.

A great brain game for strengthening the mental muscle

Sudoku is well-known as a puzzle game that improves problem-solving speed and intelligence. Sudoku King is a digital version of the classic Sudoku game that is equally challenging that takes a player through the vigorous think-and-crack spells every time eventually improving their problem-solving ability.

Sudoku King Gameplay

Sudoku originated in Japan as a puzzle game based on the concept of Latin squares in which a player had to place numbers from 1 to 9 in such a way that the number appears only once per row, per column and per mini-grid. The main task is to watch the grid and think of the right numbers that fit in each cell. The puzzle is cracked when all vacant squares are filled as per rules!

  • Clear and simple design
  • State of the art graphic grid style and soothing colors
  • Play in two themes – Black or White
  • Play in four different difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert
  • Play “World Challenge” in different countries like USA, Singapore, Egypt, India, Dubai, & France. Go on opening countries successively by completing the number of games available in each country.
  • Get statistics to learn about your game performance

Sudoku King is available on Google Play with a range of different levels available in the app for beginners as well as experts.