Color King | Colorful hyper-casual game

Color King

Color King is a hyper-casual tap-tap vibrant color game for all aged gamers. It is a great past time game and its main attraction is the gameplay based on sprightly colors. The simple yet dynamic gameplay gives a soothing tactile experience for every player irrespective of his age.

Idea and development

Team Gametion was keen on producing an easy tap-tap game based on colors. The idea was to converge colors with simple dynamics controlled with quick single finger taps. The game upon creation gave a tactile experience of vibrant color dynamics and was a great past time casual game to keep away boredom during free time. The game was released in August 2019 is counting high numbers on Play store.

Color King game has 5 modes:

  • Bounce - A bouncing ball has to be passed through a matching color ring
  • Rainbow - Matching the arrow to the color of the circling rainbow.
  • Trampoline - Matching the color of the ball with the color of the trampoline
  • Ping Pong - Matching the color of the ball with the moving slider
  • Switch - Tapping the color as the ball switches the color
Color King | Colorful hyper-casual game

A game of attention and agility

Quick changing colors and the fast bouncing ball form the gameplay of Color King. To keep the game playing without losing one has to pay attention to the changing colors and the bouncing ball so that it does not hit the wrong place. The game requires agile moves as per the changing colors to keep playing. The game improves attention span and agility over time.