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Bubble Shooter King

Bubble Shooter King is a uniquely designed bubble shooter game based on an enchanting theme of heroism and conquest. The game marks next level bubble bubble shooting entertainment with captivating graphics and a vividly vibrant audio-visual world that engages players of all ages.

Idea and Development

Team Gametion conceptualized Bubble Shooter King by marrying the simple gameplay of shooting & bursting colored bubbles with the theme of conquering and reacquiring the destroyed beautiful habitat of dogs. Bubble Shooter King not only gives the gratification of bursting bubbles but also makes players construct the wrecked habitat of the dogs - "Docoland." Bubble Shooter King is a heroic tale of two fearless dogs who set out on a mission to win back the lost glory of their wonderful world.

The tale of “Docoland”

Once upon a time, the dogs with adorable puppies dwelt happily in the beautiful “Docoland.” A perfect habitat, the happiest place in which they with the puppies played and frisked around with limitless fun. Dogs flourished in this serene world - heaven with peace and unity. But an evil rival couldn't bear the prosperity of the Docoland! One fine day "Maya" the evil leader of the wicked gang of cats attacked Docoland which turned out to be the worst nightmare for dogs. The gang destroyed the houses, the parks, buildings, and every good thing the dogs had built with diligence. The dogs tried their best to retaliate to save the Docoland but couldn't confront the torment of the giant evil. Maya wanted to conquer Docoland and rule it with her dominance. She captured the little puppies in bubbles and abducted them as hostages. Catastrophe! The puppies are now in danger! The defeated dogs asked the macho Blaze and his sidekick Rocket to fight Maya, save their puppies and rebuild Docoland. The determined Blaze and Rocket set out on a rescue mission - a journey to save the puppies and reclaim the destroyed Docoland! They will have to burst all the bubbles and rescue the encapsulated puppies to bring them back home. Will they succeed in their mission to rebuild Docoland and bring its lost glory back?

Bubble Shooter King Gameplay

Every level presents players with a downward moving arrangement of bubbles of different colors. Some of the bubbles have the puppies encapsulated in them. Players have to shoot and burst all the bubbles with color matching bubbles and release the puppies. The level completes once the player shoots and bursts all the bubbles with the given number of shooting bubbles. Players have to clear the entire bubble arrangement with the least number bubbles possible to earn more points from the leftover bubbles. The levels get increasingly challenging as the game progresses and players are also posed with objects among bubbles to burst in the advanced levels. After crossing every landmark players have to reconstruct Docoland step-by-step.

Bubble Shooter King | Gametion

Bubble Shooter King - Unique Features

  • 600+ exciting levels for bursting bubbles and releasing the puppies!
  • Captivating rainbow bubbles graphics. Pleasing colors and a unique audio visual experience.
  • Three exciting worlds of spookiness, desert, and swamps.
  • Increasingly challenging levels with obstacles to give players more skill and highest satisfaction with a legendary victory.
  • Exciting powerups to boost your bubble pop gameplay!
  • Repair beautiful bubble splash Docoland world!
Bubble Shooter King | Gametion