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CallBreak King

CallBreak King is a free-to-play, top entertaining mobile CallBreak game for the lovers of spade games. Gametion brings the classic CallBreak game with amazing features and a uniquely designed interface that gives a real-time multiplayer experience for card game fans around the globe. Call Break is also popularly known as Call Bridge, Spade, Locha, or Ghochi game, and Lakdi or Lakadi in South Asian countries like India and Nepal.

Idea and Development

Gametion aimed to bring this popular pastime card game played across all continents in an engaging audio-visual experience on mobile. CallBreak King was specifically designed as a multiplayer game to connect global spade game lovers and build a community of online Call Break players.

CallBreak King Gameplay

In the Callbreak King game, 52 cards are distributed equally among 4 players - 13 cards for each player. In each round, a player makes a call based on the number of hands they think they can win for that particular round. The lowest call is 1 and the highest is 8. The player gets 10 seconds to make a call and throw a card on the table. Players receive negative points if they fail to reach their call at the end of the round. The game runs anticlockwise for turns. The player who collects the highest number of points in the given number of rounds wins the game.

A spade suit is the trump card. One has to play a higher card than the current winning card to win the turn. The player uses a trump card to win the turn in case they don't have a higher card. If they don’t have a trump, they can throw any other suit of choice. Each turn is won by the highest trump in it, or by the highest card of the suit thrown if it contains no trumps.

CallBreak King has four modes namely - Classic Mode, Quick Mode, Computer Mode, & Play with Friends Mode. Players can also challenge their Facebook friends for a game of Call Break.

CallBreak King provides a learning tutorial that makes it very easy to understand for beginners, and soon they find themselves playing a 4-player Call Break game in online multiplayer!

What's unique

  • Players can share interesting animated emojis & gifts in the online modes
  • Chat message option to make the game more interactive and engaging
  • Periodic Lucky Spins to add to the coin amounts
  • Exciting collectibles like cards, frames, & avatars!
  • Task System - Taking up and completing daily tasks to earn exciting rewards