General Notice

This is to notify you that Gametion Technologies Private Limited ("Gametion") develops and publishes casual games that are intended only for online gaming entertainment. It is clarified that our games such as Ludo King, Carrom King are not real money games and do not involve real money, gambling, or any form of betting. You cannot earn money by playing our games on any website/platform. The virtual goods in our games (cash and coins), which may be purchased by players, cannot be converted into or redeemed into real money using any means. Virtual cash/coins are only provided to use in the game for online entertainment and do not have any monetary value. We focus on providing enjoyable gaming experiences without any financial benefits.

Furthermore, please beware that we don’t offer any earning opportunities, solicitation, or part-time jobs through unofficial channels like fake websites, emails, WhatsApp, Telegram, other group chats, phone calls, or social media platforms, from fraudsters falsely presenting themselves as Gametion's agency/representatives by unauthorisedly using our brand name, trademark, and logo. None of our offerings are available other than our official website We strictly advise you to not engage with any such deceptive offers/claims made in the name of Gametion. If you act on any messages that would compromise your security, or make financial transactions of any sort with unauthorized fraudulent websites/apps, we will not be responsible for any damages or losses caused to you, directly or indirectly.

The unauthorized use of our game name and logo constitutes a violation of our intellectual property rights. This action not only causes confusion among consumers but also damages the reputation and goodwill associated with our brand. Furthermore, it is in direct violation of applicable intellectual property laws, which carry legal consequences.

Gametion is determined to take strict action against fake websites, games or apps that fraudulently use the company's name, game names, trademark, and logo. If individuals have received any scam messages or encountered fraudulent incidents, they are encouraged to contact us either through email or phone with the relevant details immediately, to enable prompt action to curb such activities.

Name: Rajendra 80975 97535 (Monday to Friday, Time - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm)
Email: [email protected]