Carrom King 3D | Fun & Challenging Board Game

Carrom King

Carrom King is a mobile version of the famous carrom “strike-and-pocket” game that is played by flicking coins into pockets. The game was an attempt to bring the most loved tabletop game of South Asia and the Middle East on mobile devices making it available for wider audiences. Carrom is similar to billiards only with the difference that it uses wooden coins that are flicked and pocketed with a plastic striker.

Carrom King was thought of as a mobile game that would entertain every carrom player since it would ease the necessity of the physical carrom board to play. Carrom King was initially released in 2017 but an updated version was released in June 2019 that was quickly noticed and Carrom King saw increased popularity in India and around the world. The game could be played with people present physically together or even online with players across the globe.

Idea and Development

Carrom being one of the favorite board games in the Indian household was thought of converting into a digital game from 2016. Carrom king was released in April 2017 and an updated version of the game was released in October 2019.

Latest additions to Carrom King

Carrom King has a new design and more features that make it more entertaining. Now the game has an improved interface, with a different but realistic color palette, better flicking controls with game physics that produces a very real audio-visual feel of real carrom board. Players can challenge the opponent again and rematch with them. Apart from that new levels have been added to the Trick Shots mode with unique puck arrangements that earn players rewards on completing the levels.

Carrom King introduced new puck designs and interesting frames in 2020. A variety of colorful puck designs are available for players across the globe. Players can get the pucks and frames by exchanging coins, or cash or by watching videos in the app.

Players can play Carrom King with Facebook friends and can also form a room and add their friends and family and play with them regularly.

Carrom King added 2 Vs. 2 player Team-Up mode in the Online Multiplayer option. Players can now team up and defeat the opponent team together.

The recent additions to Carrom King are the Power-up feature in the Computer mode and different attractive Carrom boards in six different lobbies.

Carrom King 3D | Fun & Challenging Board Game

Carrom King 3D | Fun & Challenging Board Game

Carrom King Gameplay

The game has 4 modes that let players choose the most comforting game for themselves to draw maximum entertainment.

  • Online Multiplayer - Complete with random players, play with facebook friends, or form a private room.
  • Trick Shots - Single player game
  • With Computer - Competing with a computer bot
  • Pass and Play - Competing with a person present physically
  • Play with Friends - With Room Code
  • Play with Facebook Friends
Carrom King 3D | Fun & Challenging Board Game