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Ball Blast Tower

Ball Blast Tower is a one-tap hyper-casual "shoot and break the discs" game. It is a great fun game that satisfies the urge to crack and clear stacks of discs in an interesting audio-visual world.

Idea and Development

Gametion conceptualized Ball Blast Tower as a target-breaking game with the above contemporary audio-visual dynamics. The game was made interesting by making it a color-based target hitting game. Players have to hit the dynamic stacked targets with color-matching balls.

Ball Blast Tower

Ball Blast Tower game poses rotating stacked disc piles on the way. Players have to shoot with the discs with matching color balls. The disc towers have to be shot at until all discs are cleared. The levels are complete when all the disc towers are cleared. Hitting with a mismatched color ball ends the game and leads to a level restart.

Ball Blast Tower Gameplay

  • A hyper-casual single tap game
  • State of the art graphics & an interesting audio-visual 3D world
  • Amazing toony characters to use as shooters
  • Players can unlock the special powers of the characters
  • Interesting levels with different types of static and dynamic disc towers to shoot
Ball Blast Tower | GAMETION