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Ludo King is the digital version of the old Ludo board game classically known as Pachisi, well-known in entire Southeast Asia, the middle east, and some European countries. Ludo King was created out of the passion for converting a famous board game into a mobile game that would entertain people exactly like the board game did for centuries everywhere. The game created a buzz primarily because it could be played anywhere anytime with real-time players present globally. Ludo King became the first Indian game to cross 100 million downloads on Google play.

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Carrom King is a mobile version of the famous carrom “strike-and-pocket” game that is played by flicking coins into pockets. The game was an attempt to bring the most loved tabletop game of South Asia and the Middle East on mobile devices making it available for wider audiences.

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Sudoku King™ is a mobile puzzle game for puzzle game lovers who always want to play intelligent games and outsmart everybody. Sudoku King is designed for high challenges, gives players a unique Sudoku game experience with a great graphical interface.

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Action King is a one-tap hyper-casual "shoot and break the discs" game. It is a great fun game that satisfies the urge to crack and clear stacks of discs in an interesting audio-visual world.

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Bubble Shooter King

Bubble Shooter King is a uniquely designed bubble shooter game based on an enchanting theme of heroism and conquest. The game marks next level bubble bubble shooting entertainment with captivating graphics and a vividly vibrant audio-visual world that engages players of all ages.

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Snakes & Ladders

The most interesting mobile Snakes & Ladders game on the internet! Snakes & Ladders brings the traditional Snakes and Ladders board game in offline solo play, offline multiplayer, and online multiplayer game. Taking the fun of the classic Snakes and Ladders to the next level with state of the art unique board designs and different arrangements of snakes and ladders. Players can play with different boards and add variety in their game moves. With the same rules of the classic Snakes and Ladders, Snakes & Ladders game app takes you back to the old times of playing the game with family and friends.