Kids Cricket

Kids Cricket

Kids Cricket is a simple and addictive cricket game for kids and all ages.

A small kid loves to play cricket. Whenever he gets any time off, he heads off to the field to play some cricket. However, This kid’s choice of cricket is slightly different than traditional cricket. Play with 1 wicket, 3 wickets, or 5 wickets. 

Once he has made his selection, the bowler will bowl the ball. All you have to do is tap the screen to bat and hit the ball as high as possible and try to score more fours and sixes. Also watch out for the duck who loves to eat balls. If he eats your ball, then it is no run for that ball and one wicket is down. Score as many runs as you can before the wickets run out; then it is game over.

Kids cricket is one of the best cricket sports games out there for kids, especially as it is simple, easy, and addicting for all ages. 

Game Controls:
Tap the screen at the best time to hit the ball. Hit fours and sixes to score the most runs and beat your friends in the leaderboards.