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by Hammerware

A 3D powerboat racing game

Authors Description :
Aquadelic is a game based on our work-in-progress project Yaga!, although bit different and created especially for Becherovka Game 2005 contest. It's 3D powerboat racing game. One player game against computer controlled players is not missing as well as multi player game in split-screen mode ? four players max in a game.
One player game can be played in three modes. First mode is race against one to three opponents, second one is time trial against time opponent and the last one is free style mode with no opponents.
Multi player game offers just race and free style. If it's not enough, you can add AI controlled players to max four players.
There are four different boats that differs not just in appearance, but also in driving capabilities. Only one boat is accesible in single player modes by default. But such a detail like winning the race unlocks other three boats.
Aquadelic is result of joint work of Hammerware and Al!eN, music is done by Cognize Coke.

Nice 3D graphics and sound as you race boats around this really scenic countryside, the controls for the boats are very precise in there movements what can take a few goes to get the hang of them, tapping the left and right arrow keys seems to be better than holding the buttons down, to do a sharp turns release the accelerator. Racing the other boats can be tough as they give no mercy while trying to push you to the edge but they are not impossible to beat, after learning your way around the course the game becomes more fun, this game will be great to play with your mates as the split screen is
good and will make the game last longer, just a shame there is not more courses to test your boating skills...

Controls : Arrow keys
Enter : Select
Esc : Exit

Game Size: 9.95 Mb


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