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Sonic Raiden Games Free Download. Download free Sonic Raiden games and play for free.


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Sonic Raiden

by Joe Laurino

A platform game with the Hedgehogs (not winXP/2k

Sonic Raiden is a 1 or 2 player platform game featuring the Hedgehogs: Sonic, Shadow and Gene. This game will NOT run on Windows XP/2000. It has been tested on Windows 98 and may work on Windows ME/95 (untested).

One Player mode:
The main goal here is to solve the mystery of Raiden Island with
3 of the 4 required levels.
Arrow Keys left/right = Move Sonic left/right
Arrow Keys up/down = change view up/down
Shift = Jump
Ctrl = Action Button

Two Player mode:
The goal of "Head-to-Head Hedgehogs" is to reach the end of the level with most points.
Once done it tells you "COMPLETED" which means you may press esc when the race is over.
Controls for the 1st player are the same as listed above.
Controls for 2nd player:
A/D = Move Sonic left/right
W/S = change view up/down
Z = Jump
X = Action Button

Other Keys:
Delete = Self destruct (suicide)
Esc = Exit game
F2 = Restart game
Alt + F4 = Quit game to Windows

Action Button:
Allows you to perorm variou maneuvers. Some are documented in the HTML help file and some are "secret."

Problem encountered:
Once in a while your character may get caught in an endless loop and the character will NOT respond to the controls. At this point it will be necessary to press the Delete key to lose a life.

The game play of Sonic Raiden is typical of most platform games with the exception of the "endless loop" noted in the preceeding paragraph. The sound is fine but nothing fancy. The biggest annoyance is the screen size. When you first start the game you can select from two resolutions. Choose the 640x480 one to give you the biggest image size. The game play area is very small, 320x200 pixels and when playing in two player mode that size is effectively cut in half because the screen displays both persons view at the same time. The HTML help file included in the download is very informative and has excellent screen shots in it.

With all of this said: The game is still fun to play and if you are a sonic fan do not pass is up. But remember that it will NOT run under Windows XP/2000!

Game Size: 8.61 Mb



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