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Indiana Jones Games Free Download. Download free Indiana Jones games and play for free.


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Indiana Jones
by Fabien and Damien - Soft Interactive

Search the temple for the mummy and kill him.

The object of Indiana Jones is to find the big mummy in the temple and kill him while avoiding or killing the other obstacles in your way. This is your basic 3D shootem game with nothing fancy. However is does have the familiar "Indiana Jones" theme music.and sound effects to go along with it. The game does have several levels but the higher levels do not seem to have any new monsters or anything else new. Your name can be entered for high score but once the game it exited the high score record is gone.

Arrows = Move
Ctrl = Fire
Shift = Jump

At the title screen:
Press Space to Begin or Esc to exit

Indiana Jones is a simple no frills 3D game that is enjoyable to play.

NOTE: Some of games made with 3D Gamemaker do not do not display video correctly on some NVidia GeForce 2 cards. If the video on your screen does not look correct then download the setup.ini file and put it in the same directory as Indiana Jones. Before running the game set your screen resolution to 800x600 pixels (to avoid a black border), if you use this file. This ini file will also fix problems with other games made by 3D Gamemaker that exhibit the same behavior.

Game Size: 6.13 Mb


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