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Cookie Cruncher Games Free Download. Download free Cookie Cruncher games and play for free.


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Cookie Cruncher
by TCK Soft

A great puzzle game. Line up the cookies

On each level you will be given a set number of moves in which to remove all the cookies from the puzzle board. The puzzles range in size from 2x2 up to 8x8.
To remove cookies you must make a complete row of column of the same type. This is done by scrolling them up, down, left and right.
The cookies are wrap-around - the one you move off the board will appear on the opposite side.
If all cookies are removed, you will move onto the next puzzle, and if not then you lose a "retry" and must attempt the stage again, or press escape and go back to the title screen.
When the game begins you have ten "retries" and five more are earned for every opponent you defeat.
There are passwords every ten stages, at the beginning of each new opponent.
Sounds simple? Well it is to begin with... But it get a little tougher as the levels progress.
But that's the way the cookie crumbles. Good luck!
Game Size: 3.29 Mb


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