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Dangerous Dave Games Free Download. Download free Dangerous Dave games and play for free.


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Dangerous Dave
by John Romero - Softdisk

An old DOS platformer - 10 levels

The object of the game is to guide Dave through 10 perilous areas in Clyde's hidout. There are guns and jetpacks to aid you.
Watch out for fire, water and weirdweeds! These will toast Dave very blackly.
Merely grab the trophy and walk through the door. It's that simple! Of course you have to look out for a few monsters...
Also, there are some places Dave can go by trying something strange and dangerous....

Keyboard, joystick or mouse
F1 = Help
F2 = Cotrol panel (wherein you can redefine the controls)
F3 = Restart game
F9 = Pause
F10 or Esc = Quit game
by using the keyboard or mouse:
Arrows (mouse) = move, jump, climb, fly (if you got the jetpack)
Ctrl (left mouse button) = Shoot
Shift (right mouse button) = Jetpack on/off

Game Size: 95.4 Kb


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