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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R Games Free Download. Download free Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R games and play for free.


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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R
by Naoko Takeuchi

A great fighting game using the Beats Of Rage engine

This is the second game of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon set.
The games in that set are:
- 1. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Plus
- 2. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R

In this game, the sailor senshi are continuing their battle against the evil Black Moon Kingdom, headed by Wiseman and Prince Demando.
Sailor Moon R Plus features new unlockable characters and also an unlockable bonus stage based on the Sailor Moon R Movie "Promise of the Rose!"
Of course, this game wouldn't be complete without the sailor senshi! Updated and upgraded with their trademark sailor powers to kick some Black Moon butt, you better believe it!

Game features:
Two game modes (SNES Edition & Genesis mix) plus an unlockable bonus set
Two player mode support
Original voices

Arrows = Move
Left Ctrl = Attack
Left Alt = Jump
Left Shift = Special
Enter = Start game
Esc = Exit
F11 = Full screen / windowed
F12 = Screenshot

Special Moves:
Forward, Forward (then) Attack - Free Special
Hold Over (in the direction of the enemy) - Grab
Over (direction opposite to the enemy) and Attack - Throw

Game Size: 62.5 Mb


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