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Santa Strike Games Free Download. Download free Santa Strike games and play for free.


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Santa Strike
by Cyberlore Studios

Keep Santa from coming on Christmas.

Santa Strike: Your mission, which may seem like an impossible task is to keep Santa from coming on Christmas. The story goes like this, "It's 23:00 hours over NORAD. Your radar has picked up a whole lotta bogeys comin' in from the North Pole. Don't just stand there soldier! Battle Stations!" Shoot the Santas and the presents down with your cannon which contains unlimited ammunition

The story behind this game is rather unique and it does have some almost comical effects to it. There is no music and the game only runs in a 640x480 window. The only option it has is for online scores and this doesn't work.
On exit you will see a nagscreen (publicity for a sotware game of the same author) :(

Left/right arrows = aim
Space bar = shoot
Esc = Pause

This game is surely for the Santa haters of the world or those with a warped sense of humor.

Game Size: 958 Kb


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