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Fia Med Knuff
by Emanuel Lundman

A Ludo game for 2 to 4 players (Swedish)

A Ludo game for 2 to 4 players from Sweden.
There is no possibility to play against the computer.

Controls: mouse
Click on the dice to throw it.
Right mouse click on the piece you want to move.
Click on the button "Nasta spelare" = "Next player" when you are ready.

The rules of this Ludo game:
The entry point is a corner area next to his/her home track.
Only one die is thrown.
When you got a "one" or "six" you can bring a new piece out.
By a "six" you have 3 possibilities:
- you move a piece six places + throw again
- you bring out one new piece, let it move it 6 places + throw again
- you bring out two pieces at once (no throw again)
Two pieces of the same color on the same place is possible
When you move your piece on occupied place (occupied by the opponent), then you will wipe his piece out.
To reach the finish, you have to go around, go into the places colored in your color, and then go into the big circle.
The winner is the one who can put all his pieces into the circle in the center of the game.

Game Size: 159 Kb


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