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Treasure Hunt
by Kunta

Hunt for the teddy , not the treasures

Treasure Hunt is about a boy trying to retrieve the teddy bear from an unknown island.There is no treasures to be found except a teddy bear.
It is a 3D maze game where you have to endure 5 different stages of maze.You are armed with a boomerang to help you kill the enemies.
Mosty of the times, you can just walk across or avoid the enemies instead of killing them. In every stage, you will need to find the blue diamond
to go to the next stage.In stage 4, you will need to hot the red diamond to reveal a route to carry on the journey. In stage 5, you will be able to get your teddy bear & after you got it , you will have to fight 4 stone monsters
to get out of the area. Once you are done, you will have to make your way back to where you first started. There is a compass that you can use, which I sometimes find no helpful at all. The most difficult part is in stage 3 , where you are unable to find the blue diamond exit. Use your compass if it can help you. You might want to take down the compass values at every starting point to remember the values for later usage.This game is suitable for maze lovers.

Game Size: 3.34 Mb


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